Raklok Couplings A-A-59326 / DIN14420-7

The Raklok couplings are a-symmetrical and manufactured worldwide according to the norms A-A-59326 / DIN14420-7.

The accessories like handles, pins, rings and gaskets are not standardized.

Rakloks according to this norm are used to make a connection between hoses and/ or pipes, also from a fixed point of an installation to a tank-truck to transport liquids, solids and gases, except liquid gas and steam.

The connection is produced when you put the adapter into the coupler and push the handles of the coupler down. This is how you get a good connection in a moment.

Material specifications:

SS316          ASTM CF8M (USA) o DIN1.4408   

Bronze        BS LG1 (UK)

AL                JIS ADC10 (Japan) o A380.0 (USA)

PP                Reinforced with 30% fiberglass


We have available Raklok with normal- and smooth tail for safety clamps EN14420-3 (DIN2817) (Types C and E).

Male threaded like (types B/F) or Female threaded (types A/D). Types of thread are BSP and NPT. For the PP couplings we also have the Buttress thread for the IBC off - load systems.

In SS316 we also have available types A/D socket weld and types B/F butt weld for welding


The main gasket is from NBR which can withstand temperatures from -20ºC until 65ºC, other gaskets like CSM (Hypalon), EPDM, FPM (Viton®) and varieties of PTFE are also available in our stock.

The thread gaskets are available in PUR and Teflon.


All of our Raklok couplings are compatible with other brands condition is that they are also produced according to the A-A-59326/DIN14420-7.


Hydrocarbons, Bitumen, mineral and vegetable oils.

Chemical products, Bulk material, Cement, Paint and varnish, Waste water, Mud, etc.

If you have any doubts, please consult us, the information we need is:

Material, Temperature, Pressure. The medium that has to be transported.

Pressure tabel Raklok in bars


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